Dear Clients and Friends,

Starting my own business in 2002 has allowed me to do something for myself and I am very grateful for its continued success. My position as a managing director has not always been easy, there were very tough times as well, but still it has proven as a catalyst for the phenomenal growth in our business.

We have continually nurtured our business relationships with our clients and suppliers, making Jasmin Agency Istanbul one of the most respected textile agencies in Turkey in pioneering custom production for the medium and high-end segment. All of our clients are companies for medium and high-end boutiques in Europe. Our close proximity to our markets in Europe has the distinct advantage of fast delivery time, 4-7 days by truck, anywhere in the continent. Moreover, as part of Europe, clients can visit us anytime in Istanbul. We would like to see more and more clients to come and experience Turkey.

Short said: Fashion is our life and we know quality manufacturing.

Trust in best…Listen to your heart…things have to feel right.

Much love,