What is Sustainable Living?

According to Wikipedia, sustainable living describes ‘a lifestyle that attempts to reduce individual’s or society’s use of the earth natural resources, and one’s personal resources.’ We believe this shall be our target in everything we produce and consume.

Sustainable Sourcing

Earth-harmony and customer focused service

Secure a Sustainable Future with Us

Each and everyday we live more conscious about our planet. Sustainability and sustainable textile products has always been our priority. We are happy to see the sustainability trend is increasing among the global ready-to-wear clothing brands. Our factories manufactures high-quality fabrics and apparel for the world with sustainable processes. We work with suppliers who’s all the capacities, resources, capabilities and technologies for sustainable manufacturing are integrated with the manufacturing lines. Our factories expands its experience in natural and sustainable products around the world.

JA has a comprehensive framework to improve sustainability in fashion. We aim to enable our clients to source more sustainably by integrating a portfolio of industry-relevent certificates into our factory / supplier audits. Organic fabrics, organic cotton, OEKO-TEX certification among many others. We are thrilled working with clients who the way they function and core values to make sure sustainability is practiced, dealing with climate change, and promote ethical fashion and business practices.

Sustainable Fashion

We feel it’s our duty to work earth focused. Climate action, responsible innovation and circular strategies. We work with designers, brands and retailer chains to integrate new system and programs to address social and environmental sustainability that are relevant and impactful. The key drivers for today’s apparel industry is sustainability and transparency. We feel lucky to offer through our partnerships completely new methods in which brands and buyers can discover certified factories and ensure they are safely and efficient.

Social, environmental and economical impact of our Eco logical footprint

JA is on the mission to transform the way the world’s products are made. Supply chains have been global for many decades, but finding the right manufacturer and bringing a physical product to life in a sustainable way was difficult, even for the world’s biggest brands.





Innovative solutions and new technologies from the backbone of our company. Our sullies R&D team also focuses on new manufacturing processes such as nanotechnology. There seek to find and implement the best thread, dye-chemical processing and machinery in the industry. When a new technology is applied in the manufacturing line, the products are included in the collection to show to our clients. Smart fabrics with nanotechnology and micro capsule applications are also manufactured. This way, new properties can be added to different textiles. Water repellent, dirt-repellent, oil-repellent, fast-drying and Aloe Vera included textile are some of the examples.

Certified Production

JA is very careful when choosing business partners. We believe in an industry that, besides profit, also values the environment, people they work with, creativity, and innovation. Certifications held by our manufacturers:

QA TECHNIC ISO 45001:2018
Stahl Europe D.V. NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015
Stahl USA