Sourcing Service

We source products , fabrics, accessories and suppliers only in our local market. With us you will feel from the very first moment guided counsel and protection. We are proud in working with a portfolio of trusted factories and suppliers who have all been audited in person by Yeşim herself on the ground.

Our Sourcing Services Includes:

  • Understanding clients’s sourcing requirement, and create an appropriate sourcing strategy.
  • Identify the right supplier(s) based on quality & prices
  • Review products information
  • Establish procurement plan
  • Supplier Verification & Short Listing
  • Request for Quotations
  • Negotiation: it largely depends on how many styles & quantity of the total amount per order
  • Received supplier quotation for review & approval by client
  • NDA if necessary (Non-disclose agreements)
  • Provide clients with all local sourced information, products, fabrics, accessories, factory quality reports.
  • We go out to the market ourselves and search everywhere possible until we find an alternative for the required fabric accessories.

We identify the most suitable factories and possibilities according your needs & requirements to receive the best possible results.

When it comes to lower cost and have better prices we search for you multiple textile factories to get quotes from many at the same time in order to have the chance to compare with each other.