The Sampling Process Step by Step

Preparing samples is extremely important as it reduces error and risks. We do not start SMS’s or production without your final approval.

Prototype Sampling

To create a prototype we need an original sample from you or a technical file which we also call spec sheet.
Prototype sampling offers you a tangible representation of your idea to see how your finished garment will look like. We send them to you for your revisions, comments and changes. You will have to send it back with all comments on the style and measurement chart. The prototype sampling are always free of charge unless it has extra cost or is being canceled.

PRE-Production Samples & Size-Sets

We usually have additionally corrections to the SMS’s although they were superb made according your comments and spec sheets. Pre-Production samples showcase entirely what the completed garment production will look like in all sizes and styles, including trims, production fabric and all over embellishments. We often visit the factories before, during and after bulk production and we do the check before anything is sent out for your approval. We only start production after all fabrics, accessories, labels and size-set approvals are received.

SMS – Sales Men’s Sample

They need to be perfect! They need to be made from original fabric, accessories and labeling.
They give the buyers a full understanding about your collections, quality, workmanship and fit.
In our production places we have a special sampling department where all the collections being developed separated from bulk production.

Technical Details

All tech-pack which we also call spec sheets is required to outline the specifications necessary to be provided to a garment factory before a product is created. This document details the drawing of the style, all measurements with an additionally drawing showing how to measure, quantity, colors, fabric, article number, style name, date, delivery date, sizing, grading, print details, embroidery, trimming, labeling and packing details etc everything that needs to be on the style and any information to be respected. Receiving a completed spec sheet is indispensable in streamlining the process of a collection or clothing production.

Important note: We do not do Tech Pack or Spec Sheets. You need to send it to us. We follow up and make sure all details will be respected.

Pattern Making

Sometimes our clients send us the pattern especially if the style is complicated. But most time the suppliers aka textile factory create the pattern out of the measurement chart or original samples if given any. This step in garment manufacturing not only takes skill, but is significant in creating a tangible representation of your vision. Usually it’s digitized by the pattern maker and the sample department of the factory, but in some situations we let create the traditional paper pattern too.

Sizing / Grading / Marking

We do not charge extra for all the pattern unless the styles will be canceled although it’s been made according the spec-sheets.

JA strives to deliver an apparel that fits perfectly like you want to have.

We do not own the factories. We let produce the orders we receive from our clients from Europe.

We usually prefer tower with our own suppliers and factories, but if you have a network of existing suppliers already, we can assist you in the production process, accomplish quality control or manage the entire process for you.

PRODUCTION TIME : 4-8 weeks             REPEAT ORDER       : 3-4 weeks

One of JA’s unique specialities is providing our clients with reliable, sustainable and ethical garment production and manufacturing services. One of the main reason why we only work with textile factories and other production places located in Istanbul is because to have fully control over the operations. We are passionate about bridging the gap between business leaders and world’s best textile manufacturers. We work hard to provide you with superb quality control during and after production as well as merchandising to keep you informed daily about your garment manufacturing and production, ensuring that all your requirements are captured and met perfectly.

We work close with our textile production places, providing guidance and support through all stages of sustainable garment manufacturing and are dedicated to your and their success. We track and communicate each step of the production process and strictly keep to agreed time lines and delivery dates. We only work with factories located in Istanbul who operate only for the European market.

Apparel Production Planning in one view:
  • You send us your samples, sketches or written specifications with all necessary technical information
  • We provide the right producer for your orders and collections, who can fulfill your price/quality demands
  • We punctually deliver your orders
  • Organization and realization of collections
  • Permanent technical control of each production phase and written reports
  • In our ateliers we use mannequins through the whole process and in preparing changes of dresses. Clients can view this step-by-step process on Skype.
  • Quality guarantee and final control of your products
  • Control of the packing units in accordance with the packing list and packing order
  • Perfect logistical handling
  • Provide information on new fabrics, accessories, embroidery, or printing methods from the local market
  • Quoting
  • Apparel Production Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Sourcing of fabrics and accessories
  • Technical Design Files
  • Factory creates the pattern, sampling, size-sets, digitizing, grading, cutting
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality Control
  • Fitting
  • Trims, Labeling
  • Ironing
  • Packing
  • End control / End quality check
  • Shipment

Everything is produced by experienced ethical fashion and sustainable manufacturers who only work within European market for at least 30 years.

All of our suppliers value a commitment to “Unconditional Customer Satisfaction”, and the greater part of their production is destined for export markets beyond Turkey. All of them are ISO9001 certificated.

Other Certificates:

  • Oeko-tex Standard 100,
  • GOTS / Global Organic Textile Standard,
  • Approved Quality Certificate / Hohenstein.

Jasmin Agency is a specialized agency Textile, Ready-to-Wear and Fashion Accessories

We work with a wide range of innovative and experienced suppliers making it possible to produce any kind of ready-to-wear garments (t-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, shirts, shorts, trousers, jeans, dresses, skirts, leggings, jackets, outerwear, socks, underwear, pajamas, knitwear, hats & caps) not only for men, women, kids, infants but also pets.  We ensure top quality with competitive pricing and reasonable lead times. Our team works closely with our customers, giving updates about the progress of production by following up constantly with our suppliers.